Equipped with the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art healthcare services, NHS hospital is home to the best medical facilities available in Jalandhar. Inclination towards introducing excellent technological invention to the people makes it different from others.


NAVIO robotic-assisted knee implant surgery demonstrates superior quality precision in knee replacement procedure with its artificial intelligence. Designed to provide sub-millimetric accuracy, it ensures 100% precision without disturbing the natural knee alignment.


The experienced team of orthopaedic surgeons led by Dr Shubhang Aggarwal at NHS Ortho Robotics ensures perfect surgeries and best post-treatment results for every patient who arrives here, giving access to best medical care.


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Dr. Shubhang Aggarwal

In his 18 years of experience, Dr Shubhang Aggarwal has demonstrated excellence in various orthopaedic surgeries, especially in knee replacement surgery. Prestigious alumina of University of Dundee, Scotland, he has explored all the best of orthopaedic training worldwide to bring up the best medical care for the people of Jalandhar and nearby areas.

Why NAVIO Robot-Assisted Technology is the best?

NAVIO demonstrates the art of excellence in the field of knee replacement surgery. Designed with the brilliance of artificial intelligence, this system is able to understand the unique anatomy of the individual knee. It eliminates all pre-operative imaging needs and also helps the surgeon to place the implant with sub-millimetric precision which works and feels just like your original knees. Robot-assisted Knee Implant Surgery involves less pain, less blood loss, lesser tissue invasion, 100% accuracy in positioning the implant and delivers long-lasting post-operative results. The best part of undergoing this procedure is patient can start walking only 3 hours after the surgery and go back to home within 2-3 days.

Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery –Conventional vs New!

The world has witnessed the power of technology and advancements in the past few years. Virtual Assistants, Electric Cars, 3D Satellite Mapping and now we have Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgeries, for the first time in Jalandhar! With the NAVIO Surgical System, we integrate the latest technology with the skills of our expert orthopaedic surgeons for a procedure that leaves the natural undisturbed.

For those who suffer from knee pain caused by diseases like Osteoarthritis, whose damage is limited to a particular part of the knee only, partial knee replacement is a viable option. With the NAVIO Surgical System, you can preserve the healthy bone and ligaments, as there is absolutely no bone removal involved at all. Only the damaged areas are burred by the robot instead of cut/sawed open, as you would in conventional surgery.


How does it help you?

Having robot-assisted knee replacement offers a bunch of advantages over conventional knee replacement surgeries. At NHS hospital, we deliver outstanding results with our expert team of surgeons and NAVIO Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement Technology.

  • 100% precision with artificial intelligence
  • Almost as close to your original knee
  • Reduced hospital stays of 2 days only
  • Patient-specific procedure to match an individual’s knee shape
  • Faster recovery; Patients can walk after 3 hours only!
  • Painless surgery with no cut or removal of bone

Patient Testimonials

Understand your surgery & shed your doubts!

Joint Replacement involves replacing the diseases and damaged natural joint of the body with an artificial one. This artificial joint is made of highly specialised bio-insert non-reactive metal, ceramic, or polyethylene material and is fit into the bones with or without bone cement.

Patients of Osteoarthritis generally undergo surgery at around 55 years of age but it depends on the stage of the disease. Severely affected patients e.g. ankylosing/rheumatoid arthritis undergo surgery successfully even at 20 years of age.

There is always a cost to new technology. But if we can ensure that implants last long, it’s really a powerful cost saver.

So, one of the things that is the power of the robot is that because of its accuracy and precision it can reduce costs in the long run.

By using better technology to ENSURE LONG LASTING AND BETTER FUNCTIONING ARTIFICIAL JOINTS will help the healthcare economics of India in general.

It also brings far superior outcomes with the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology, helps us come at par with some of the modern hospitals of the Western world.

Robotic partial knee replacement surgery has been around for over 5 years. And there are many published studies showing superiority, accuracy, precision, patient satisfaction and outcomes based on the Australian registry.
Total knee surgery has been around for about two years now and In India for the past one year. So the amount of data is less but in the early results it is showing much improved outcomes in terms of accuracy, precision, faster recovery and patient satisfaction.

In robotic orthopaedic surgery, the robot is just a tool that uses artificial intelligence, real time mapping, helping the surgeon in planning and execute a perfect surgery. It’s no different than saying if you have one type of tennis racket versus a very fancy type of tennis racket. The evolution of tennis rackets have evolved from wood to now all carbon fibre graphene.
The robot is a great artificial assistant but still in the hands of the surgeon. You are still a tennis player with a tennis racket, similarly the surgeon with a good tool gets to perform better! It’s a better, more accurate, more precise instrument/ tool and whenever you have better tools, there are costs. But if the cost of your new tennis racket is more and you win Wimbledon, it’s worth that cost. If my new robotic tool is better and gives my patients have better outcome, it’s potentially worth that cost.


+91 98149 09405


Jalandhar, Punjab 144008